March 29, 2023

Can I Obtain a Healthcare Management Graduate Degree if My Bachelor’s Is In an Unrelated Field?

With healthcare ranking as one of the fastest growing fields, pursuing a graduate degree in Healthcare Management is a good way to follow career advancement. Those seeking a Graduate Degree in Healthcare Management come from many educational and career backgrounds. A degree in business, nursing or liberal arts may qualify you to enter a program for graduate degrees in healthcare management.

Many have already entered the healthcare workforce in hospitals, long term care/nursing facilities, physicians office, insurance companies, medical or diagnostic laboratory and clinics. Some may already be working professionals in other fields, related or otherwise. The decision to achieve a graduate degree in Healthcare Management is often based on the desire to increase the level of responsibility or to move into a certain specialty area, while also significantly increasing the pay scale. People with Master’s degrees working as medical and health services managers earn an average of $28,000 more per year than those with a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Leading to a Career in Healthcare Management

Often the choice of undergraduate degree will dictate the direction the student chooses to follow in the Healthcare Management Field. Many are already employed in hospitals, nursing homes, and other direct care facility and find they are seeking advancement within the field. Fortunately, there are many degree programs that working professionals can complete while still maintaining their current jobs. Accelerating to a Master in Healthcare Administration or Management can be the step to moving beyond patient care and into the business side of Healthcare. Nurses may choose to advance their career to a position as a Chief Nursing Officer, an Administrative position in patient services or fulfill a goal of starting their own health care organization.

Bachelors of Arts in Business Leading to a Career in Healthcare Management

Applicants for most accredited Master of Healthcare management programs require applicants hold a four-year undergraduate degree prior to enrolling. Individuals who plan a Healthcare Management career may choose a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration or Management. This would qualify them to work in the healthcare industry. What many professionals with a Bachelor Degree quickly realize is the level of education has a strong impact on both the salary that can be achieved and also what level of responsibility the degree brings. Most Bachelor’s Degree Programs allow an entry-level position into the healthcare industry where a Master’s Degree can take them to a higher level with much greater earned income. Those with a Bachelor’s Degree can often continue to work in the healthcare industry while earning their Master’s Degree therefore not losing any income but moving into a higher paying job.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science Leading to a Career in Healthcare Management

Having a background in Social Sciences provides an excellent crossover to a career in Healthcare Management. Already having training in the socials sciences and an education in understanding social science issues helps apply these concepts to elder care, human resources, community service as well as psychology. This provides an excellent stepping-stone for the managerial skills and understanding of healthcare provided by a Master’s level Healthcare Manager.

Bachelors of Human Resources Management Leading to a Career in Healthcare Management

Those who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources have an understanding of business, functional operations and decision process in managing Human Resources for a facility or company. Having this degree will prepare the applicant for entry into the healthcare management field. It will also help them advance to Manager of Human Resources for a healthcare facility such as a hospital, long-term care/nursing home or another related setting. In order to acquire this position a Master of Healthcare Management or Administration Degree will be necessary.

There are a variety of Bachelor’s Degrees that will qualify entry into a Master of Healthcare Management program. It is important to talk to the university or college you are interested in to see what the specific needs are for that Master’s program. Those requirements may vary from program to program. Individuals from all educational backgrounds can pursue their aspiration to a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management.