March 30, 2023

Can I Earn a Master’s in Healthcare Management Degree While Serving in the Military?

For those serving in the military, specifically in active service, there are many great options for online master’s degree programs in healthcare management. These programs offer the needed flexibility to learn at the student’s own pace, when it is most convenient to their rapidly changing schedule. Those active in the military tend to possess strict self-discipline skills, which generally transfer well to the online course structure. Many online graduate schools are becoming increasingly more military-friendly because of the rising number of active members and veterans wanting to pursue a college degree. Because it may be necessary for military members to travel from one place to another for missions or assignments, an online master’s degree allows them the opportunity to attend classes at any hour of the day to design a unique schedule. Many programs also allow military students to transfer credits from one school to another. Providing the opportunity to download classroom lectures at any time allows students the ability to pursue their master’s degrees from any place in the world.

Financial Aid for Online Master’s Degree Programs for Military Members

Many states offer financial aid assistance to veterans and current members of the military to reward their military service. Before applying for student loans it is wise to inquire about the various military scholarships or grants, as this type of financial aid does not have to be repaid. There may also be federal financial aid available to those in the military. It is important to be sure that the online master’s program that you are considering accepts the financial aid programs that you are eligible for. Some of these programs that may be able to apply include:

  1. Veterans Educations Assistance Progam (VEAP)
  2. Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)

Each branch of the military has its own individual programs to advance the ability of its member’s education. Some of these include the following types of aid.

Financial Aid for Members of the United States Army

The following scholarships are offered by the United States Army, or its auxiliary organizations, for active duty and/or retired service-members:

The United States Air Force has a number of programs via scholarships, tuition assistance programs and enrollment in the Air Force’s own community college. Some of the scholarships and tuition assistance programs are offered by the U.S. Air Force include:

Financial Aid for Members of the US Navy

The US Navy does not directly offer scholarships or grants for its enlisted personnel but does provide sailors with opportunity to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies both on-base and at traditional colleges and universities through its educational assistance programs.  The Navy pays most of the costs of their service member’s education.

There are also several sites that students can check out for further information on grants and scholarships that might be available to them including: Military Scholarship Options. If you are a military member and think that you cannot pursue traditional higher education then a military-friendly online master’s degree in healthcare management is a good option for you.