March 31, 2023

Can I Continue to Work While Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for executive Healthcare Managers will continue to increase 23 percent by 2022 and will account for 3.1 million new jobs, the largest increase of any industry. For those professionals currently working in the Healthcare Management Field (or related fields), earning your Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management/Administration (MHM/MHA) from an accredited school opens the pathway to higher levels of levels of responsibility and earning significantly higher salaries. It is important to choose an educational path that will allow the flexibility needed to meet the time requirements in order to complete your educational goals.

Online Degree Options in Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management is a rapidly changing industry. By pursing an online Healthcare Management Degree Program, students will be acquiring the skills and expertise of a knowledge base of quality healthcare systems, risk management, managed care, insurance, health care laws and regulations, ethics, and other information and practices that are important to managing in a demanding healthcare environment. One of the keys to success in a students learning process is finding the learning environment to meet the needs of working adults unable to attend their Masters Program in a traditional environment. Online programs allow the flexibility to work toward educational goals at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Hybrid Degree Options in Healthcare Management

Hybrid learning refers to a degree program that is offered both in an online format as well as in a classroom situation. The amount of time required either online or in a classroom depends on the program and the requirements of the specific University. Most often students will be required to complete most work via the Internet (online) and some classroom (traditional) work. The goal is for the student to complete the program with as much flexibility as possible to allow them to continue working in their current job.

Part Time Degree Options in Healthcare Management

Many programs for working toward a Masters Level Degree in Healthcare Management include the option of pursuing a degree on a part time basis. Being able to comfortably balance a career while attending graduate school may lend itself toward a part-time Masters Degree program. Many students in part time programs are able to take courses in the evenings and on weekends to earn their Master’s Degree. Many top level Universities offer this style of learning as an option.

Executive Degree Options in Healthcare Management for Working Professionals

An Executive Master’s Degree Program is usually attended by professionals who are already working full-time and need a Master’s Degree program that is flexible enough to accommodate their busy schedule. Most Executive Master’s Programs run several full days (not more than a week) per month for the period of two to three years. Applicants to an Executive Master Degree Program must already have a Bachelor’s Degree and generally have more than five years of work experience in their designated area of study.

There are many options to afford working professionals the opportunity to further their career. With options ranging from fully online, to hybrid to part time programs, each student can choose the learning environment that is right for them. So, for those professionals who prefer to continue to work while completing a Master’s Degree Program there are many options to help you achieve your goals.