March 29, 2023

Can I Become A Healthcare Manager With No Management Experience?

A commonly asked question among those considering a degree in health care management (HCM) is whether or not they can enter a program with no management experience. The answer to this popular question is yes. While having prior management experience is a good thing it is by no means a necessity to receive training in health care management. Here are some of the reasons why little or no experience in management can even be a benefit when entering a health care management degree program.

No Need To Re-Train What Has Been Learned

In some cases it is seen as a strength to have little or no management experience when entering a health care management program because there is no need to help students un-learn what they have learned. Managing in the health care setting is a very different entity than management in more traditional business settings. The mind-set and nuances are very unique to this highly specialized field. If a student enters a HCM degree program with no background in management they will have the ability to learn this specialized management style with no backtracking or comparisons. In many cases this makes it easier for the instructors to teach and the students to learn.

HCM Programs Teach These Skills

Another reason having limited management experience is a benefit is because these programs spend a great deal of time teaching these skills. If a student has extensive experience in management it might be cumbersome for them to sit through lectures that cover what they already know. Students who are relatively new to management will have the opportunity to uncover the skills and information to become leader in the field of health care management and administration.

Natural Born Leaders

Another consideration that must be made regarding management and leadership abilities is the natural born leadership qualities that many people possess. Most great leaders were never taught to become so, instead they had the natural leadership abilities as a part of their personality. If you are someone with natural leadership abilities, then by nature you already possess management skills. By harnessing these raw skills, HCM degree programs can finesse the skills you have to turn you into a health care management expert.

It is very possible to enter a health care management degree program without previous management experience. These programs include a wide range of management styles and theories to choose which best suit your personality. By entering into a HCM program without any preconceived notions about how to manage, you can acquire these important skills with the health care slant that will allow you to be a leader in the field. HCM is one of the fields where no previous experience can be seen as a benefit. A lack of management experience is no reason not to pursue a degree in health care management or administration.